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NO to Ozone!

If you are Considering an Ozone Generator, become an Informative Consumer First!
FACTS: OZONE causes damage to lung tissue. Ozone prematurely ages and damages rubber, plastic, oil based paintings and all plant and animal life.


NEWS - Jan. 22nd, 2009 - Fifteen bonnethead sharks at the Indianapolis Zoo have died because of too much ozone in their tank..
NEWS - Dec, 2007 - Not Acceptable: Ozone generators - Ozone Air Purifier People Now Claiming their system is used in Space! Spokeswomen from NASA says that the space shuttle and the space station life-support and environmental-control systems have always relied on filtration to purify the air, not OZONE!.
NEWS - Sept, 2007 - Air Resorces Board of Californa - Adopted the nation's first precedent-setting regulation that makes it illegal to sell ozone air purifiers that purposely emit ozone in California!!!!
May, 2006 - Air Resources Board of California - Hazardous Ozone Generating Air Purifiers
Clearing the Air on Ozone Machines - Dr. Weil
Mayo Clinic - Ozone filters: Do they remove allergens from the air?
Ozone Generators that are Sold as Air Cleaners: Effectiveness and Health Consequences
Ozone Generators - Warning - Not For Occupied Spaces
Health Canada WARNS Consumers About Ozone Generators!
Dangerous Ozone Generators

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