Vapor Steam Cleaners and their Steam Cleaning uses

The Reliable Dry Vapor Steam Cleaning Systems

Reliable Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners have lead the way and still are a leader in quality, performance and are a cost effective machine. Made in Italy, these dry vapor steam cleaning systems have features other  HIGHER cost systems have such as a Higher Boiler Temperature (302° F / 320 ° F) and better Pressure (58 psi)with Pressure Gauge for maximum efficiency, Larger Boiler Capacity (2.3 quarts) and a Stainless Steel Boiling ChamberPLUS a Low Water Light. They even have a fingertip control in the steamer handle for steam volume. And, the Reliable Model BRIO 500CC has Continuous Refill capability reducing down time. Other steam cleaners (usually expensive ones) use Sales Hype to say they are the ONLY one with Continuous Refill but the fact is, the Reliable Model BRIO 500CC Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner has had it all the time. Continuous Refill and Continuous Steam is NOTHING NEW to the Reliable BRIO 500CC Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner! When buying a Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner MAKE SURE they provide ALL the Specifications of the machine like Boiler Temperature, Pressure, Stainless Steel Boiling chamber with a 3 Year Warranty and that it is a Continuous Refill system with trigger like steam control. When buying ANY product, always look beyond the Sales and Marketing Hype and find out about the product specifications! You should not have to pay HIGH prices for the HYPE!

Please ALSO be aware that many mis-informed sellers and dealers of Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners INCORRECTLY state the vapor steam temperature at the tip. They will state anywhere from 300 ° F vapor steam temperature at the handle tip. The FACT of the matter is this is the Boilertemperature, not the ACTUAL vapor steam temperature at the tip!! This is a TRUELY MIS-LEADING STATEMENT!!! Having a Boiler Temperature in the 300 ° F to 320 ° F gives you good and effective Dry Vapor Steam in the area of 200 ° F. This is why a High Boiler temperature is important in dry vapor steam cleaners. Remember, the Boiler temperature will be HIGHER in temperature compared to the actual Vapor Steam temperature coming out of the handle tip.

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