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Portable Airpura UV600 Air Cleaner

High Efficiency Particle Arresting (HEPA), Straight Granular Carbon and NO OZONE UV!

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Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc. Provides ONLY the Latest and Brand NEWPortable Air Cleaners. NO Used, Re-built, Refurbished, DEMO or Discounted units that others may sell at lower costs - Only NEW!

Airborne: Viruses - Bacteria - Germs - Mold - Fungi - VOC's - Odors

Airpura Air Cleaners
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UV Air Cleaner w/ Filtration Options To Meet Your Needs

Airpura UV600 Air Cleaners produce NO OZONE! Ozone is a lung irritant that is emitted from ionic air cleaners and many electronic air cleaners. Even small amounts of ozone are undesirable for allergy and asthma sufferers and can be detrimental to Birds delicate respiratory system..
Your Pet Birds Health and Air Pollutants Bird Owners and Breeders
As a bird owner or bird breeder , you have taken on the responsibility to provide proper care for your bird and or birds. From deciding on the most nutritious diet to feed your bird, to choosing the safest, sturdiest most comfortable cage for your bird, you need to be confident that both you and your bird are content. The quality of your indoor air is also equally important to the well-being and health of you and your birds. Installing the right air filtration equipment is a vital necessity in any environment shared by humans and animals.

Because birds are so susceptible (70% more than humans) to infectious airborne organisms, it's very important to make sure your birds are breathing the healthiest, cleanest, purest air possible. In order to keep harmful bacteria and virus out of the avian environment, and to prevent infected birds from spreading transmittable diseases, the best remedy is to filter out these dangerous organisms and try to keep them from ever coming in contact with you or your birds.

Other problems associated with indoor environments include the danger from fumes that are common to humans, but are toxic to birds. Chemical fumes from cigarette smoke, cleaners, perfumes, correction fluid, aerosol cans and overheated non-stick cookware can kill a bird in minutes.

It's also important to you, the bird owner, to be mutually happy with the environment surrounding you and your birds. Humans are just as susceptible to contagious airborne diseases as birds! Dander dust from feathers and dried fecescan trigger allergy respiratory problems that can make you miserable. Mold, mildew and funguscan also harbor severe breathing disorders for humans or birds.

Keeping the air clean is not only healthy for you, but also your bird. A good portable air circulating HEPA and Granular Carbon Air Cleaner or Air Sterilizer is the best for you, and your birds air! Do NOT use Ozone Air Purifiers in Bird Areas!

Portable UV600 Air Cleaner by Airpura

Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc. is an Authorized Distributor of Airpura Products and carries the free-standing UV600 Portable Air Cleaner!

The ultimate solution when it comes to airborne virus and bacterial control. All other filters only trap bacteria and don't attack viruses. Furthermore the UV chamber designd in the UV600 allows the UV to reflect in all directions, therefore, providing a more than adequate dose of UV inside the air cleaner.

The 4 keys to achieving the ultimate air purification are: A TRUE HEPA Filter (High Efficiency Particle Arresting), Odor adsorbing Carbon Media, A thorough Air Exchange and A Ultraviolet (UV-C) Chamber to combat disease causing micro-organisms such as Bacteria and Viruses.

For years Hospitals and Health Care facilities have been using UV, and benefiting from, this most effective air purification technology. Now, this technology has been streamlined and scaled down in a portable unit for use in Homes!

ULTRA VIOLET (UV) Light - Accepted Method!

For years, HEALTH CARE facilities have utilized Ultra Violet UV technology to maintain good air environments. The Airpura TRUE-HEPA Air Purifiers, with UV-C protection, is the BEST air filtration system for the Home that features NON-OZONE UV Light! This method is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control for its germicidal effects. The importance of Ultra Violet UV protection can not be over-stated. Normal air filtration units using only HEPA filters CANNOT control disease-carrying microbes . They will only TRAP the BACTERIA! Trapped organisms can eventually seep back into your air or even grow within the filter itself! VIRUSES can actually PASS THROUGH the filter!
What is inside the UV600 Air Cleaner?

20 watt UV lamp. 30,000 um per sec squared. (254 nm) NO OZONE

Sterilizes micro-organisms: antigens, pathogens and mold spores. Lamp situated in filter chamber so it kills organisms as they are trapped by the filters. Other UV machines place the UV lamp in the air flow away from the filters. Microbes can escape back into the air.

  • Cleanable Airpura Pre-filter:Vacuum through the mesh and replace every 12 months.
  • 360 Degree Air Flow - 360 Degree large area air intake!
  • 2 Micro-Suppress filters: Suppress bacteria and viruses around the carbon bed.
  • Large Amount (18 pounds of Carbon Granular) of Airpura Carbon Filtration: Absorbs airborne chemicals noxious gases, odors and VOC's.
  • NO Potassium Permanganate in Carbon Filters!
  • Airpura True HEPA Filter:Traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. 40 sq ft of Airpura TRUE HEPA: Warm rolled to prevent cracking. 10 pleats per sq inch maximizes filtration (other systems only use 6-8 folds). Spacers to make sure every fold filters.
  • UV-C Lamp sterilizes antigens, pathogens and mold spores as they are trapped on the filters. 20 watt UV lamp. 30,000 um per sec squared. 17 inches germicidal surface U shaped lamp: 2 times the length of other makes and 2 times as effective!
  • Pressure sealed filter chamber: All of the air is filtered. No particles or gases escape the filters. Other systems allow leakage and by-pass air flow and can't achieve the claimed 99.97% Hepa efficiency.
  • 560 CFM w/ Variable Speed Control:Allows user to set unit at optimum CFM for their situation. Noise Level: 29 dB up to 62 dB (Highest CFM available in portable units!)
  • Unimpeded Airflow: The air flows directly from the filters to the exterior for lower air turbulence and less noise. Motor and electric parts out of the airflow. Other systems blow clean air over the motor and may recontaminate it .
  • One Piece Motor /  Fan Assembly: Burned in sealed Permanent split capacitor (PSC), backward curved motorized impeller. Eliminates vibration problems where separate fan is attached to a shaft with a set screw. Compact motor / fan design allows more space for filtration.
  • Felt Gaskets:Seal the filter chamber. No off gassing from rubber seals. Unique pressure seal. The pressure seal system on the filter chamber ensures that all the impurities pass through the filters. Other systems allow dirty air to escape and fail to achieve their promised HEPA rating of 99.97% filtration.
  • Powdercoat Steel Mesh Housing:No plastic vapors, with a modern attractive appearance, suitable for any decor.
  • Wheels: For Easy mobility!
  • ETL Certified CSA and UL Compliant: Conforms to ANSI/UL 507 CSA C22.2 no 113
  • Watts:120 on high 40 on low
  • Sound Level: 62 db @ 2' on highest, 32 db @ 2' on lowest
  • Weight:Apprx 48 lbs.
  • Airpura 5 Year Limited Warranty:If within five (5) years from the date of the original purchase by the end-user from Natural Solutions Environmental,Inc., an Airpura UV600 (with the exception of filters or UV lamps) is proved to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or materials, Airpura Industries Inc. Will, at their option, repair or replace the part or product free of charge for labor and materials.

Viruses - Bacteria - Germs - Mold - Fungi - VOC's - Odors

UV600 Air Cleaner Specs:
  • Airpura UV600 HEPA Air Cleaner w/ UV Air Cleaner - All Metal Cabinet w/ Wheels!
  • UV -C Lamp sterilizes antigens, pathogens and mold spores as they are trapped on the filters. 20 watt UV lamp. 30,000 um per sec squared. 17 inches germicidal surface U shaped lamp: 2 times the length of other makes and 2 times as effective!
  • Granular Carbon and Hepa filters filter airborne dust, dander particles as well as chemicals odors, general odors and airborne particles.
  • Effective for up to 2000 sq ft
  • 22" high, 15" wide w/ Wheels
  • 560 CFM w/ Variable Speed Control
  • Noise Level: 29 dB up to 62 dB
  • Pre-Filter for filtering large particles
  • TRUE HEPA filtration (40 sq. ft.)
  • 2" Thick Activated Carbon Canister (18 lbs.)
  • 2 Micro-Supress filters on Carbon
  • Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Warranty 5 Year

UV600 Air Cleaner Ordering:

Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc. Provides ONLY the Latest and Brand NEW Portable Air Coolers
NO Used, Re-built, Refurbished, DEMO or Discounted units that others may sell at lower costs - Only NEW!

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