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Our Best Selling Alkaline Water Ionizer

AlkaViva "Melody 2" (2017) 5-Plate Dual-Filter Alkaline Water Ionizer

There is no equally featured alkaline water ionizer on the market today!

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The Melody 2 Alkaline Water Ionizer is the latest in Quality with the industries leading Lifetime Warranty! from Natural Solutions.

Only Authorized Distributors/Dealers such as Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc. are allowed to Sell Melody 2 Alkaline Water Ionizer products. It gives you the added assurance that you are buying an original product. Any Melody 2 Ionizer merchandise offered from a non-authorized dealer may have been acquired through illegal methods or questionable business practices. The goods may be damaged, defective or used. ONLY buy from an Authorized Melody 2 Alkaline Water Ionizer Distributor/Dealer such as Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc. to insure you are getting a Quality Original NEW product and a VALID WARRANTY. Also be aware that as a Authorized Distributor WE DO NOT sell through auction sites such as eBay or through AMAZON which IS NOT ALLOWED. If you DO NOT buy from an Authorized Distributor/Dealer, Buyer Beware. Prices on other websites LOWER then what we show is a good indicator that they are NOT Authorized Distributors/Dealers!

AlkaViva "Melody 2" 5-Plate Dual-Filter Alkaline Water Ionizer

Best in Alkaline Ionizer Water Electrolysis Technology!
AlkaViva "Melody 2" 5-Plate Dual-Filter Alkaline Water Ionizer

This machine is commonly called a Alkaline Water Ionizer, which is how many people and sellers mistakenly refer to it. It has been called a microwater machines, micro-water systems, restructured water machines, micro clustered water, ionized water purifiers, etc. In fact it is ACTUALLY a Water Electrolysis Machine producing alkaline water, with a pre-filter. Electrolysis means passing an electrical current through water to split individual water molecules into their constituent hydrogen and oxygen. Electrolysis is a process by which a chemical reaction is carried out by means of the passage of an electric current. In the electrolysis of water, water is oxidized at the anode (negative) and reduced at the cathode (positive).

AlkaViva "Melody 2" 5-Plate Dual-Filter Alkaline Water Ionizer

The AlkaViva Melody 2 is an innovative 5-plate Alkaline Water Ionizer with a new, advanced SMPS power supply, Smart-Design Electrodes, and DARC cleaning system. A futuristic Hydrogen Infusion Technology design optimizes performance, especially in the production of molecular hydrogen (H2.) The Melody 2 performs especially well in -ORP and H2 production at lower drinkable levels of pH water. A high performance standard, solid reliability, and beautiful packaging makes the Melody 2 the new standard in the Alkaline Water Ionizer industry.

Melody II "5-Plate Alkaline Water Ionizer"

AlkaViva "Melody 2" 5-Plate Dual-Filter Alkaline Water Ionizer
  • Five Plate Platinum Coated Titanium Smart-Design Electrodes: State of the Art SmartDesign Electrodes are high performance, extremely reliable, and designed to run with the utmost efficiency at all levels of pH water production. SmartDesign creates an ideal balance of electrical power to the electrodes (water cell.) This means optimized performance and efficiency, improved H2 presence and less degradation of the water cell.
  • H2 performance at lower, drinkable levels of pH: Besides great tasting water, the Athena H2 delivers great H2 performance, especially at lower more drinkable - and safer - pH levels. H2 is most beneficial when dissolved in water. The features of the Melody 2 improve the amount of dissolved H2
  • Fully Automatic DARC Cleaning System: DARC (Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning) means your H2 Ionizer Cleans with every use. DARC cleaning is automatic, runs in the background and operates continuously. You never have to wait, and your H2 Alkaline Water Ionizer always gives you the maximum amount of antioxidants in your water
  • Real-time Flow Control System: Flow rate is an important aspect in achieving optimal pH levels and hydrogen performance. The Real-Time Flow Control System provides an LCD display and a valve knob that allows you to easily set a precise flow rate
  • Premium 13-stage dual-filtration: Two under the cover filter cartridges provide 13 stages of filtration to produce healthy, clean water before being ionized

Installed Filter Set - Smart UltraWater Set
  • Pre-Filter (Right Side) - Smart Five stages of protection highlighted by spun fiber technology and the highest quality carbon. Goes on the RIGHT side of your Melody 2 ionizer. (Rated for 1000 Gals)
  • Secondary Filter (Left Side) - Smart UltraWater Filtration Technology Eight stages of protection highlighted by CaSO3 to reduce heavy metals and different forms of chlorine, multiple layers of non-woven fiber technology and two stages of the highest quality carbon. Goes on the LEFT side of your Melody 2 ionizer. (Rated for 1000 Gals)
  • Dimensions: 12.5" W x 14.5" H x 5.5" Deep
  • Standing Weight: 12.75 lbs (14.75 Shipped Weight)
  • Voltage: 120V / 60Hz ; 150 Watt
  • Power Supply: Next Generation SMPS with AutoAdjust
  • Water Pressure Available: 15~90 psi
  • Tap Water Temperature Limits: 40F ~ 86F
  • Protection Devices: 2 built-in temperature sensors
  • Electrolysis Method: Continuous
  • Electrodes: 5 Plate SmartDesign Platinum / Titanium
  • Generating Capacity: 0.4 Gal/Min. at 28psi: 0.92 Gal/Min. at 90psi
  • Setting: Alkaline Water (5 Levels), Purified Water, Acidic Water (2 Levels)
  • Cleaning: Dual Automatic Reverse Cleaning System (DARC)
  • Filters:UltraWater Filtration Technology 2 Smart Filter Cartridges inside the machine - 13 stages of filtration
  • Filter Life: Est. 1,000 gallons (depends on quality of water source)
  • Voice Recognition: Yes
  • Display: Negative LCD Style
  • Display Control: Full Touch Screen (Letter and Image)
  • ON/OFF Valve Method: (Real-time Flow Control System)
  • Certifications: Include ISO 9001 and 14001, UL standard for Low voltage electrical, NRTL, CE and KFDA
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime warranty

What is Included:
  • An AlkaViva Melody 2 machine with 2 installed filters
  • A pH test kit (liquid reagent and a pH color chart) to test your drinking water
  • Introductory Information, a beautiful manual, and warranty
  • All the necessary installation accessories
  • An Optional in-line sediment filter

Note for Well Water, RO and Distilled Water

Note: ALL alkaline water ionizers (Water Electrolysis) units are designed and SHOULD ONLY be used on Municipality Treated Water Systems. They should NOT be used on Well Water Systems! ALL well waters are totally different and many have variant levels of pollutants such as Sulphur and IRON that can and will damage the electrolysis of ANY alkaline water ionizer. The Carbon pre-filters in ALL alkaline water ionizers are for Chlorine reduction and sediment ONLY, they will NOT REMOVE Iron, Sulfur, Fluoride, etc.. Also, RO or Distilled Water CANNOT be used with a water Electrolysis machine because these waters have no minerals in which to activate electrolysis.

AlkaViva "Melody 2" 5-Plate Dual-Filter Water Ionizer Price:

*** Sorry, This Product is NOT available to California Residents*** Per the State of California, ONLY Water Products that are "California Certified" can be sold/ship to residents of California.

Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc. Provides ONLY the Latest and Brand NEW Water Ionizers
NO Used, Re-built, Refurbished, DEMO or Discounted units that others may sell at lower costs - Only NEW!

AlkaViva "Melody 2" 5-Plate Dual-Filter Alkaline Water Ionizer

AlkaViva "Melody 2" 5-Plate Dual-Filter Water Ionizer: $1,595.00
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Replacement Filters for AlkaViva "Melody 2" 5-Plate Dual-Filter Alkaline Water Ionizer


Replacement Filters for AlkaViva Melody 2: $199.95
Same as Came with Ionizer: Prefilter + Secondary Filter
The Smart Filter has Wire/Connector at top that connects into a wire in the machine.
(These Filters are not compatible with earlier Model machines of the same name. In 2017 the Melody 2 model began using Smart Filter Technology. These filters have a wire at the top that plugs into a connector in the machine.)
FREE Ground Shipping 48 States

The Melody 2 Alkaline Water Ionizer is the latest in Quality with the industries leading Lifetime Warranty! from Natural Solutions.

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Excellent Home Water Ionizer for making Alkaline Water.
AlkaViva "Melody 2" 5-Plate Dual-Filter Water Ionizer By AlkaViva
Date published: 04/17/2017
5 / 5 stars

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