Chinese Drywall - Hydrogen Sulfide Acid

Chinese Drywall - Hydrogen Sulfide Acid

Following material shortages in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, thousands of homes were rebuilt with imported Chinese drywall.

Many of these homes have now have problems related to emissions of hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S.)

Hydrogen sulfide is an acid gas that can cause health effects, including headaches, pulmonary irritation, asthma attacks, and many other unpleasant symptoms.

How can you test for exposure to toxic Chinese drywall?

Get some new copper wire from a local hardware store, cut a few inches of wire and place a piece of wire on a plate in each room (for larger rooms, use 2 or more wire samples.)

  • If the wire begins to corrode, you may have a problem.
  • If the wire turns black within a few days, this is a strong indication that you have a problem.
  • If you plan to take action or to seek a legal recourse, you should get a qualified expert to validate your findings.

Even if the wire does not change color but you suspect your home contains Chinese dry wall you may wish to seek advice from your consumer protection office or seek legal counsel.

If you have confirmed the presence of this acid gas, what can you do?

Establishing who is responsible for the removal and replacement of the dry wall and getting them to take action may involve many difficulties and delays.

The effects of hydrogen sulfide acid in the air in your home are immediate.

Apart from the danger to your health, acid gases may also corrode your electrical wiring and copper water pipes, which could lead to a fire or flooding.

As a short-term solution to the risk to electrical wiring, it may be a good time to talk to an electrician who may provide you with a wiring resistant to acid gas. This may be less expensive than changing all the drywall.

If the cost of total replacement is prohibitive, it may be easier to swallow piecemeal, doing a bit at a time, starting in the worst areas where the H2S is at its highest concentration.

It may take time to achieve a permanent solution to this problem.

An Airpura High Efficiency Air Purifier will immediately reduce the amount of hydrogen sulfide gas in your home.

Our Airpura C600DLX Air Purifier model is designed to capture airborne chemicals and is used in laboratories and industrial situations.

The large 26lb activated carbon bed filter is composed of a blend of impregnated, enhanced and regular activated carbons designed to deal with airborne occurrences of chemicals such as Hydrogen Sulphide.

The unit is 23 inches high and 15 inches in diameter on casters for easy movement.

The air in a room as large as 2000 square feet can be can be changed every 20 minutes at high. At low speed the Airpura C600DXL will maintain a continuous flow of clean air.

Immediate relief

In choosing an air purifier to bring immediate relief from this difficult problem it is important to realise that the only long term solution is to remove the source of the problem and have the Chinese drywall removed.

Cost effective

An Airpura High Efficiency Air Purifier is however a reasonably cost effective way to bring immediate relief and is a good investment for the and future health of you and your family.

After the Hydrogen Sulfide problem is resolved permanently

you may wish to replace the special chemical filter in your air purifier with a more conventional particle and airborne chemical combination to continue enjoying the benefits of clean indoor air in your home.

A reasonable solution

Be aware that some companies will try to cash in on your hardship and try to get you to buy air filtering systems that can cost from $2000 to $6000 each, and even recommend that you buy 2 of these huge machines. In fact many of these systems, may not be sufficiently equipped with specialized filtering capacity.

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