BioPanel Furnace Filters and HVAC Filters

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BioPanel Furnace Filters

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A better replacement furnace air filter then the cheap throw-away Furnace Filters!

BioPanel Furnace Filters

Furnace Filters

Natural Solutions Environmental, Inc. is pleased to offer you the BioPanel Disposable Furnace  Air Filters!

Why Choose BioPanel Furnace Filters?

The same commercial grade, dual-layer, polyester ring MERV 8 panel Furnace Filters used as the prefilter for our 600HS, 1200HS and 2000HS Whole Home HEPA Air Cleaners are also available as a replacement for your HVAC throw-away- standard furnace air duct filter. The BioPanel Furnace Filters offer a 20% plus ASHRAE efficiency with a high dust holding capacity (330 grams) with high air flow and low resistance or pressure drop even when fully loaded. In addition, the design of the of the  BioPanel ring-panel furnace air filter allows for a small amount of the air filter media to extend past the ring, thus making for a tighter fit and great sealing ability when installed in the air filter slot. This means that as the furnace air filter loads up, all the air is forced to go through the filter instead of around the air filter.

Also look at our Odor Guard Furnace Filter which also has carbon media which helps remove odors, gaseous and particulate pollutants. The pre/carbon filter is designed for homes and offices where odors and gases are an issue. The same capabilities as BioPanel Furnace Filter our Odor Guard Furnace Filters has the added benefit of granular activated carbon.

The BioPanel Difference!
Many of the throw-away Furnace Filters on the market today have no sealing capabilities and allow the smaller, respriable sized particles to pass around the air filter as the face of the filter loads up.

Unlike many of the throw-away Furnace Filters on the market today, the BioPanel Furnace Filters WILL NOT RESTRICT the air flow through the heating/cooling system, even when they are fully loaded.

For most residential applications, the BioPanel Furnace Filters are changed once every 3 to 6 months. These air filters are easy to change and can be installed in most heating/cooling air handling systems. If you are using a throw-away furnace air filter that is loading up quickly and adding too much resistance to your heating/cooling system fan, then you should try the BioPanel Furnace Filters! All of our Bio Panel Furnace Filters are rated MERV 8.

BioPanel Furnace Filters Provides:

  • ANTIMICROBIAL  - Eliminates the filter as a growth site for organisms such as mold, fungi, and most bacteria.
  • MERV 8, EFFECTIVELY removes a high percentage of airborne dust, pollen, mold and most particles greater than 3 microns in size. ASHRAE dust spot efficiency of 20%.
  • DUAL LAYER POLYESTER MEDIA allows for higher dust loading with minimal resistance. Longer filter life.
  • DESIGNED for use in any heating/cooling system. Replaces standard filter
  • CHANGED every 3 to 6 months depending upon how dirty they get and pollutant indoors. (Pets, Smokers, etc..)
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"BioPanel Furnace Filters and HVAC Filters"

All BioPanel Furnace Filters and HVAC Filters with FREE Shipping to the 48 States.

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Disposable furnace filters hvac furnace filters air conditioner filters from Natural Solutions.
Cost effect furnace filters BioPanel Furnace Filters.
BioPanel Furnace Filters and HVAC Filters
Date published: 05/07/2017
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